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solo013 reviews Fate (PC)

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solo013 said...

Fate is a really good game for people that like dungeon crawling RPGs, especially Diablo. I love the game myself. One thing that sets this game apart from others like it that I've played is the pet. You can have a dog or cat that fights along side you. Your pet also has their own storage, and can even take items back to town to sell for you while you continue to dungeon crawl. Another great thing about this game is there is no specific character classes. For this game it works extremely well. You can customize your character to play as any type of character found in other games, or a well rounded character in all areas.

Game Traits applied to Fate (PC) by solo013

  • The Setting:
    Large Underground Dungeons, Fantasy
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    RPG, infinite replayability
  • General Tone:
    Hack and slash

Fate (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Isometric Action RPG
Release Date: 19/SEP/06
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I may be wrong, but this reminds me of a spam post I saw once on the RPG:Everything Else board on gamefaqs.com.

Be warned people, this might be spam.
@Fallout2Forever I can assure you in no way that this is spam. How can my opinion of a game be consider spam?
@solo013 Alright, in that case, I apologize. It just reminded me of spam I've seen before.
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